Misconceptions About the Cost of Hair Color

For some reason most women have a misconception about going in for their hair color services in high end salons. Some even feel a bit intimidated to make the first call to go in and have a free consultation. If you haven’t made the call you may have found that the cost has been great […]

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Get Rich Brown Hair Color Without Fading

You are the lucky ones. Just a few areas to keep your eye on, other than choosing the right shade of brown if you don’t want red or golden over tones. Follow the tips below to see how easy it is to have the same shade as Angelina Jolie. The rule to follow so you […]

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Get Nicole Kidman’s Blonde Hair Color

Nicole Kidman wears these rich Golden Blondes beautifully.  She is also often seen with just a touch more copper in her blonde hair.  In the following post I will let you in on the secrets of great blonde, and subtle copper-blonde formulas that a lot of women want to try but, still have a fear […]

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Perfect Hair Color in a $9.95 Box – Part 2

The Semi-Permanent Colorant The best way to change your hair color to a lighter shade is slowly and properly with little cost is to start using a Semi-Permanent colorant. It will blend in the roots with the hair shaft and also give shine to your over all hair strand. For the first few application you […]

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Great Ways to Look Younger & Stay Younger

I get emails every day asking for help with hair color. Some of the problems can be solved with just a bit of adjustment others need professional help. The following are areas to watch for whether you go to a professional or do it yourself. Caution: during this economical change we are all going through. […]

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Katherine Heigl’s Movie Star Blonde Hair Color

Katherine Heigl is one of the ultimate blondes and most women that have blonde highlights wish they had her shade of blonde for their overall color or for their highlights. In fact this is my most favorite blonde for highlighting. The following are easy steps to take you to beautiful blonde with just enough light, […]

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Is Changing Bad Hair Color Impossible?

I have just read an article about bad hair color and just how difficult it is to get it back to a pleasing color for the client because she had used At-Home hair color, and messed up part of her hair trying to do her own highlights, to save money. Her highlights were too gold. […]

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Is Hair Dye or Bleach Breaking off Your Hair?

There is not a day that goes by that I am not talking with or listening to women that are asking about how to repair their hair. Often even the most intelligent women think it is the bottle or tube of hair color that is the culprit. It is my professional promise that it is […]

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How To Get Gray Hair To Cover At The Roots

The following are a few tricks to help get gray hair to take better at the roots. If you are having this problem you are not alone, more women complain about this one problem than any other hair color problem…other than breakage.  First, you will see a few problems, then you will see just how […]

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The REAL Cost of Gorgeous Hair Color

Now more than ever women go for personal services just to take a small amount of time to relax…most say “I just want to relax …I don’t want to talk about it.” the IT we all want a moment of rest from. In this report I have researched areas that will help you relax and […]

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