Katherine Heigl’s Movie Star Blonde Hair Color

February 10th, 2015 by Tracy

Katherine HeigKatherine Heigl hair colorl is one of the ultimate blondes and most women that have blonde highlights wish they had her shade of blonde for their overall color or for their highlights. In fact this is my most favorite blonde for highlighting. The following are easy steps to take you to beautiful blonde with just enough light, just enough color. Plus wonderful healthy hair color.

Before we start:  One rule for blondes or staying blonde is you need to start with healthy natural light.  Unfortunately for all brunettes that wish to be ultra light blonde, dark hair never really works.

If your hair is too dark you will find that when the deep shade has been removed it will not look healthy, and you will more often than not have golden over tones that most natural blondes hate.

If you are dark and have tried to go much lighter than your natural shade you have seen that your roots always look a different shade than the rest of your hair. If you still want to try going lighter with dark hair you must see the professional for the best service.

If your hair is too dark, a professional colorist will probably tell you your hair is too deep to get a pretty blonde.  Even if you wish to have lighter hair please, don’t go home and try to do it yourself. You can break your hair off!  Your best bet might be to choose soft highlights in a shade that is closer to your natural shade.

If you have light natural hair color you can use a high lift tint for high lights or have the low ammonia lightening agent that is now available in better salons. Just a note here if you are going all over blonde or just having highlights please don’t ask for white blonde. These shades don’t shine and they generally add 10 years to your age.

If you wish to do your own hair at home these are two great products to use at home.  But, you must have light natural hair to start with or you won’t be happy with the final results.

For Ms. Heigl’s highlights if you wish to do your own you can use the following formula.  You must take tiny strands with this formula so you won’t have strips in your hair.

At Home Highlights:

Hair Color L’Oreal Hi-Light Styliste H90 Iced Champagne

If you wish to use an overall hair color on your light natural hair color you can use this following formula.

All Over Hair Color For Light Blonde Hair:

Hair Color L’Oreal Preference les Blondissimes Haircolor, Extra Light Natural Blonde LB02

Keep it from Fading

coloursplash! For this shade of blonde to look good all month long use coloursplash! Hair Color Refresher—All Blondes at least once a week.

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Tracy Hill has devoted her impressive career to the essence of hair colour, working on the corporate level as the International Training Director for Beauty Industry giants Clairol Inc., L’Oreal and Vidal Sassoon. As a result, she has developed hair colour products that are streamlined to state-of-the-art and wishes to share her extensive knowledge and research directly with the consumer.

While refining hair colour techniques to an art form, her reputation created high demands in the Fashion and Entertainment Industries where nothing but the best will suffice. Her stellar client list has included: Cheryl Tiegs, Lily Tomlin, Teri Garr, Lindsay Wagner, Connie Selleca, Anne Bancroft, Marcia Cross and Kelly Rutherford to name a few. Her name has appeared on the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Interview, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Wear Daily, Shape and all professional publications.

While Ms. Hill watches over her company she remains a constant advocate for early childhood education, especially for the underprivileged child. She also works closely with the International Foundation’s ONE.org. / UNICEF.

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7 Responses

  1. estelle

    je peux te poser une question quelle est la couleur de cheveux naturelle de Katherine Heigl stp merci

    English Translation: I can ask you a question which is the natural color of hair of Katherine Heigl?

  2. Tracy Hill

    Hello Estelle,

    You must have very light natural hair to begin with to create this shade. Ms. Heigl’s natural hair colour must not be any deeper than a dark blonde (a level 8 in most hair colour levels). We have not seen her without ultra light blond highlights over the base that is starting to show in this photo. If you have very fine hair this shade could be used over very very light brown. Never use on deeper shades because it will not be good. See the professional for advise. The following formulas are suggestions for very light hair colour.

    Thanks so much for your question.
    Tracy Hill

  3. Teresa

    I have very light brown hair and have light blonde highlights. i still feel like my base throws it off a bitt, it doesn’t look so natural. Is there something i should do to lighten my base. Should i do overall color a few shade lighter? Will you still see the highlights? i’m looking for Katherine’s color. does she die her base or toner or anything? My natural is dark blonde-very light brown.

  4. Tracy Hill

    If your hair base is very light brown or dark blonde your highlights if done with a low volume lightening agent will be fine over the base. If your highlights are tooooooooo light as in ultra light they will not show over your base because they will blend into the hair color. If you hair is deeper than light brown say in a level 7 on the hair color charts then it will be too deep for this final result. You will need to lighten the base… see areas of my work regarding Smudges…they are left on for a small amount of time and then with highlights they look great…for Katherine’s hair you need dark blonde with a lot of highlights. Her final results is not really a natural looking blonde she really has a lot of highlights to create her effect.
    Thanks so much for your question. Let us know if you need more help.

  5. Tracy Hill

    Hello Teresa and all,
    I want to clarify the shades suggested for Katherine Heigl’s hair color for those that feel they don’t want to do an all over blonde base color for this shade of hair color. Highlights can be used over a light to dark blonde hair color. The highlights will look much better with color (as this shade of blonde is) This is done with a low volume lightening agent and by adding a lot of foils for this to give this over all effect. I have seen her when she looks as if she has had a lot of highlights to create her ultra blonde and at other times she has used an over all bonde base shade to create this result. This is why I suggested the two formulas for At-Home users to make a choice from. At the salon they will know what your hair will do and they will use what is going to be best for your hair for the final results. Your natural base color will not look the same if you have too much color, therefore it will need to be lightened to get it closer to this blonde. The main thing again is not to lighten the highlights to off white …it will not look good.

  6. Karen

    I am a (51 yr old) natural blonde that has been using ulta light blonde permanent hair color for several years. I contacted L’Oreals help line for advice on what color I should use to try to return to my natural haircolor to reduce the dramatic difference between my roots and color. I then wanted to highlight to achieve a look like Katherine Heigl’s. She told me to use 2 boxes of Superior Preference 8G, mix the first box as instructed then add 1/2 of color gel from 2nd box. Apply all over and let process 25 minutes.
    The result did get me closer to my natural haircolor, it is a little too gold with some reddish tints, but I can live with it. I would like your opinion on what product I can use to put in some highlights.

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